Video Demonstration - How to Install the Universal Swivel Bracket for a Trail Camera Security Box

The Universal Swivel Bracket mount offers excellent stability and security for your game camera. While the Universal Swivel Bracket was developed with hunters in mind, many of our customers find it to be the perfect mount for outdoor security purposes. Installation is easy, as you will see from this video. The bracket is installed in a matter of minutes and ready for you to fit your security box.

In this video you will see the new CamlockBox swivel mount. The mount allows you to mount your camera to a tree and adjust it at any angle in which you wish. This mount is great for mounting high in the air with the camera pointing downwards in rafters or buildings. It has holes in the sides for bungee straps or python cables. There are also holes in the top and bottom for lagbolts.


Watch this video to Learn How to Mount a CAMLOCKbox

In this video we will demonstrate how to mount a CAMLOCKbox to secure your trail camera. This particular box is for a Bushnell Trophy Cam, but the method for installation is basically the same for all camera security boxes. In this demonstraion you will see the CAMLOCKbox mounted for typical deer camera installation - around waist height and pointed straight in front.

This video is great for new camera owners who have never installed a security box before. Take a look at the video to see the simple steps to a successful installation and you're all set!

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