Moultrie M8000 Trail Camera 20MP Game Camera + Camlockbox

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Moultrie M8000 Trail Camera 20MP Game Camera + Camlockbox

Moultrie M8000 Trail Camera 20MP Game Camera

The Moultrie M8000 Trail Camera 20MP Game Camera is a compact trail cam loaded with high-end features: 20 MP images, 0.3 second trigger speed, 80 FT detection and 100 FT flash range, long-range infrared flash, Full HD video recording, and much more! The M-8000 features Moultrie’s ILLUMNI-NIGHT 2 sensor for the brightest and clearest nighttime images. The camera operates on 8 AA batteries for 19,000 pictures. The Moultrie M8000 is fully compatible with Moultrie Mobile’s MV2 and MA2 cellular field modems. (sold separately)


■ 20 MP images
■ Long-range infrared flash
■ 80’ detection and 100' flash range
■ 0.3 second trigger speed
■ Record Full HD video 
■ 2-Year Warranty

 Performance specs will vary depending on user settings and environmental conditions


Moultrie M8000 M8000i Security Box by Camlockbox


This is a NEW security box made by CAMLOCKbox to fit Moultrie M8000 and M8000i game cameras. This great accessory helps protect your trail camera from the elements, theft and damage by animals. These are very high-quality boxes made from heavy 16-gauge steel. A baked-on powder coat finish with a camo break-up paint applied. They can be lagbolted, belted, or bungeed to trees and they have plenty of clearance for large headed bolts. These boxes are also fully compatible with python cable locks. The CAMLOCKbox security box for the Moultrie M-8000 Series Trail Cameras works great on public land with a python cable where you cannot deface trees. The CAMLOCKbox security box is lockable with ordinary padlocks as well for added security. Holes cut in the boxes allow for Power Panel hookup to your Moultrie Trail Camera.


Note- Camera,locks,and bolts are not included. Listing is for the Sale of Box Only.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review