Moultrie A900i Bundle Trail Camera

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Moultrie A900i Bundle Trail Camera

Note - Cameras may need a firmware update.  This can be found on the Moultrie Website

OutdoorTrailCams has loaded the firmware on a SD card and has printed instructions that will be sent with your Moultrie A900i or A900 purchase. We hope this will help you update your camera should you need to. 

The A-900i captures stunning 30MP ultra-high-quality images. The trigger speed is a blistering .4 seconds, ensuring that every activation captures even the fastest-moving animals. The A-900i records HD video as well. The A-900i features invisible flash LEDs that take stunning night-vision images out to 60 feet. The ILLUMI-NIGHT sensor ensures the brightest and clearest night images available. To make deployment as easy as possible, the A-900i bundles include a 16 GB SD card along with 8 AA batteries that will power the cameras through 19,000 images. This ready-to-hunt camera will stand out with its features while hiding from prying eyes. The camera is Moultrie Mobile compatible.

  • Takes industry-leading 30 MP pictures for incomparable quality and detail. Count every antler point with these ultra-high-resolution images.
  • Blazing 0.4-second trigger speed captures crisp images of birds mid-flight zooming past the camera.
  • Invisible flash ensures bright, well-lit animals for clear identification in photos without spooking game.
  • The motion sensor detects movement out to 60’ and the invisible flash illuminates animals at the same distance.
  • This hunt-ready bundle includes everything needed for 24/7 scouting right out of the package. Included: 16GB SD card, plus 8 AA batteries and a heavy-duty 8’ strap to affix camera to tree.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review