Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Flash 20MP G-5055 Built in Cap + CuddePower

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Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Flash 20MP G-5055 Built in Cap + CuddePower

Cuddeback Cuddelink Dual Flash 20MP G-5055 Built in Cap

The CuddeLink Cap is built in unlike previous version.

CuddeLink G-Series are for the hunter who want fast access to their trail camera images. CuddeLink cameras wirelessly talk to each other to automatically send the images they take to one Home camera. CuddeLink eliminates having to check multiple trail cameras – instead of checking all your cameras, you only check one.

The CuddeLink G-Series cameras are designed with ultimate performance, full features and enhanced night illumination. Features Cuddeback’s industry leading ¼ second trigger speed, 20 megapixel images, and advanced setup features that allow you to use different settings for day and night. The model G-5055 features Cuddeback’s patented Dual Flash™ technology that has low-glow IR and no-glow Black Flash in one camera – a simple setting allows the hunter to choose what illumination technique to use. Built in low-glow 850nm IR for the best IR illumination, and no-glow 940nm Black Flash® for totally dark illumination. IR has a range exceeding 100 feet while Black Flash has a range to 50 feet.

• CuddeLink is not cell service or Wi-Fi. CuddeLink is a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows the cameras to communicate with each other.
• CuddeLink transmits images from remote cameras to a home image collection camera.
• Up to 15 Remote CuddeLink cameras can send images to 1 Home camera.
• Typical transmission range in a dense forest is ¼ to ½ mile. In open spaces CuddeLink has camera-to-camera range to over 1 mile. Like all wireless systems transmission range will vary with terrain and conditions.
• CuddeLink automatically daisy-chains cameras to extend range to over 4 miles, making CuddeLink deployable on properties of hundreds or thousands of acres.
• There is no monthly fee to collect images on the Home camera. A monthly fee is only incurred if you elect to use cell service.


CuddePower Battery Booster

A quality D battery has eight times the capacity (milliamp hours) of a comparable AA battery. This allows the six D batteries in the CuddePower to have up to four times the power of the eight AA batteries in the camera. More power enables the camera to run longer and take higher quality night images. This is critical in subfreezing temperatures.


CuddePower attaches to the tree with an included metal Genius Mount. Compatible Cuddeback cameras slide on and off the built-in Genius Mount of the CuddePower.

Includes CuddePower battery box, 36" cable, 7" cable, and metal Genius Mount.

Compatible with Cuddeback camera Series:

E Series, C Series, G Series


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