Bushnell Core DS No Glow Trail Camera 119977C Combo

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Bushnell Core DS No Glow Trail Camera 119977C Combo

Bushnell Core DS No Glow 30 MP Trail Camera

Bushnell Trail Cameras 119977C

The Bushnell Core DS NO Glow 30 MP Trail Camera has Dual Sensor Technology. THE DIFFERENCE THAT'S NIGHT AND DAY. Most trail cameras use only one image sensor to capture images 24 hours a day. So you settle for daytime images that are less sharp and rich, and nighttime images that lack consistent illumination and range. CORE DS game camera gives you two image sensors — one optimized for more sharp and rich images during the day and another optimized for images with consistent and further illumination at night. So you can plot their movements more reliably and plan your hunts more strategically. The Core DS No Glow new for 2019. This trail cam is packed with features like the Field scan mode with has 2X Time Lapse w/live trigger and records time lapse sequence and expands camera coverage. 4 High output infrared LEDs night vision flash for covert scouting. Be ready for your hunt this season scouting game patterns with the Bushnell Core SD trail camera. Bushnell Core DS has programmable feature to give you options for customized set-up.  Program your trigger speed interval, multi-image mode 1 to 6 trigger, video length and resolution. Also an adjustable PIR with Auto/Low/Med/High setting choice. All these options give you a choice for a great trail camera scouting experience.

CORE™ DS Trail Camera Features:

  • Dual image sensors for high quality ages day and night
  • 100 ft night range
  • 30 megapixels
  • 0.2s trigger speed
  • 3-Preset Menus + Advanced Mode
  • In-Camera Color Review LCD (2 Models)
  • 0.6s recovery rate
  • 1080p 60fps video w audio
  • Up to 32 GB SD card (card not included)
  • 1-year battery life - dependent on temperature and number of images per day
  • Removable Battery Tray
  • Two-year limited warranty

Camlockbox Security Box For Bushnell Core DS Trail Cameras

Will Fit The Following Bushnell Cameras;
119977C 30 MP Core DS No Glow
119975C 30 MP Core DS Low Glow
This is a NEW security box made by CAMLOCKbox to fit Bushnell Core DS game cameras. This great accessory helps protect your trail camera from the elements, theft and damage by animals.  These are very high-quality boxes made from heavy 16-gauge steel.  A baked-on powder coat finish with a camo break-up paint applied.  They can be lagbolted, belted, or bungeed to trees and they have plenty of clearance for large headed bolts.  These boxes are also fully compatible with 5/16 python cable locks. The CAMLOCKbox security box for the Bushnell Core DS Trail Cameras works great on public land with a python cable where you cannot deface trees. The Camlockbox box is lockable with ordinary padlocks as well for added security.  Holes cut in the boxes allow for external power hookup to your Bushnell Trail Camera. Once the box is secured to the tree the camera can be taken in or out without any re-positioning.
Master Lock Camo Python Cable
Patented adjustable locking mechanism holds cable tight at any position for perfect fit.
6' (1.8m) adjustable cable for application flexibility.
5/16" (8mm) braided steel cable for superior cut resistance.
Cable end threads through places other cables cannot.
4-pin cylinder for superior pick resistance.
Rust resistant lock and vinyl coated cable for superior weather and scratch resistance.
Velcro strap holds excess cable for compact storage.
Advantage Timber pattern for outdoor camouflage security
Best Used For:
Tree Stands
ATVs & All Terrain Equipment
Grills & Lawnmowers
Tools & Ladders
1 - 16GB SD Card


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