What's a Trail Camera without a Security Box? Not Much

Posted by Jody Bergner on 30th Jun 2015

For a hunter who really cares about the game, a trail camera is a must-have. Trail cameras are the most useful technology in the hunting sport in recent times. Using motion detection software, they record photos or videos, day and night of certain territories and these can be later collected, stored, viewed and shared by hunters. They are waterproof, tough and able to operate by themselves once installed. The cameras are usually strapped to a post or a tree. In pre-hunting seasons, they are equivalent to gold as they help the hunters locate the best areas to focus and hunt, instead of going in blind.

There’s an important part of a security camera most hunters overlook or try to save money on though, and without this “important part”, the trail camera is not as marvelous as it can be.

Trail camera security boxes

They are rugged and protect the camera from birds, animals, damage or theft. The stronger the security box, the more likely the camera is to remain on its post. More often hunters use strong locks which are purchased separately to secure the trail camera inside the security box. They are made of and all steel construction. Typically they are made with 10, 16 or 18 gauge steel. The lower the number is with steel the stronger and heavier the box will be. Trail Camera security boxes act as a deterrent for animals who may try to eat them or humans who want to steal or damage them. They also allow for better care of the cameras providing some protection from the weather. The CAMLOCKBOX security boxes are custom fit to the specific camera models. Most come in natural colors, so they blend in with the trees and nature around.Browning_Security_Box__20932.1409480916.250.250.jpg

And when you think about how much a good quality trail camera costs and how much this protects that cost, it makes more sense to buy a security box as you buy a camera to keep both lasting long enough to be worth the investment and keep your hunting game on point and in high spirits!


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