Tips for Purchasing a Security Box for your Trail Camera

Posted by Jody Bergner on 20th Nov 2015

Today the different manufactures of Trail Cameras often use similar model numbers to past models. There are various reasons why they do this. One is to easily capture the consumer to a new model of one that was successful in the past.

For the consumer it’s great when you’re looking for the new camera. However, when you are looking for a Camlockbox security box you need to make sure you know your exact model number. Why? The new model camera could have a slight adjustment with a hinge size, a sensor moved, or even a housing size difference. If you purchase a security box that you think will fit it is possible that it will not or that it will affect your camera performance. In some cases the box might just be the correct one but why take the chance it isn’t if you are not seeing the model number listed on the listing.

Camlockbox security boxes are customized to have a “perfect fit” for the model or models the box is designed for. Unlike many other boxes available which allow you to put several different sizes in the box and adjust the fit within the box with different hardware pieces.

Things to remember

  1. What is your Make and model number for your camera
  2. Be Careful with the model numbers. Some of them are similar or even the same number but have additional words or letters to them.
  3. If you search and are not finding the exact model number – ask for assistance

At we are here to help you order the correct box for your camera if one is available. Don’t fall into the trap that you think it will fit so it doesn’t cost you additional money and frustration for that mistake.