The number 1 question about Browning Strike Force and Dark Ops Trail Cameras

Posted by OutdoorTrailCams on 28th Mar 2019

We often receive calls from our customers asking about the Browning Strike Force Trail Cameras and which one is the newest. As you browse the internet you find several different models of this sub micro trail cam. Each model has a model year. The model year is not necessarily the year the camera is produced. Browning Trail Cameras may begin production the prior year to the model year and may continue that production for the model the following year. Each year Browning has made improvements to the camera although some years were not as big of a change from the prior year.

The Browning Strike Force has been a top selling camera for the last several years. This infrared trail camera hasn’t disappointed many customers. Some really don’t want he infrared and want the Dark Ops version but find themselves loving the quality of the pictures they get so they give in for the infrared. While others really like the Browning Dark Ops and are willing to give up some distance at night to have the flash not be seen. We have this debate in our own household. One of us uses both versions of the game camera the other will only use the Dark Ops, no glo, invisible flash, black infrared, etc. cameras.

Having this debate means when a customer asks which is better, we have to say it when it comes to trail cameras it is a personal thing. We can’t say one it better for you than another we can only share what information we experience. Sometimes this may confuse the caller even more. We are sorry for that if this happens. Now days there are so many Game Cameras on the market and every brand has its niche that brings in loyal customers looking for specific features. It is near impossible to have everyone like a trail camera one specific way. What we like in features or use may not be how you want to use your trail camera.

Here is a list of the Browning Strike Force models and the model year to aid you in your research.

BTC-5 2013/2014

BTC-5HD 2015

BTC-5HDE 2016

BTC-5HD850 2017

BTC-5HDX 2018

BTC-5HDP 2017/2018

BTC-5PXD 2018

BTC-5HD-APX 2019

BTC-5FHD5 2019

BTC-5HDPX 2019

This is the Browning Dark Ops models and model year:

BTC-6 2013/2014

BTC-6HD 2015

BTC-6HDE 2016

BTC-6HD940 2017

BTC-6HDX 2018

BTC-6HDP 2017/2018

BTC-6PXD 2018

BTC-6HD-APX 2019

BTC-6HDPX 2019