Camlockbox Security Box Instructions | Outdoor Trail Cams

Posted by OutdoorTrailCams on 24th Jan 2018

For the past few years we have included these instructions in customer shipments.  At times customers have said to us that they would like them available on our site and not just in the video how to.  

Security box instructions:

  • 1)Practice placement of the camera in the box and putting the cover on. You should never have to force the cover on. Put the box on a table or flat surface in front of you with the tab where a locking device is used closest to you. Now lift the cover slightly, lifting up and away from you. Observe how you remove the cover. Note the placement of the tab on the bottom of the cover and the way it comes out of the slot on the bottom of the back of the box.
  • 2)Place the camera gently in the back of the box while it is still on the flat surface in front of you. The camera does not go all the way into the back of the box. Now take the cover and first angle the bottom tab down sliding it back into the slot. Align the side tabs into the slots on the back cover. Slowly work the cover back and down.

Installing on a tree

  • 1)Remove the front cover, and secure the box to a tree, post, or whatever. You can use the straps that came with your camera, or bolt it to the surface. If you use the strap, the buckle should be secured inside the box.
  • 2)Activate the camera, and insert it into the box. There is a support shelf on the bottom, and cut-out in the bottom of the box, and extensions for the frame of the camera fit into this cut-out area. The outer raised edge of the camera fits against the front edge of the box, leaving space behind the camera for cables or straps.
  • 3)Front cover: Insert the bottom tab of the front cover about a quarter-inch into the bottom front slot. Then align the two side tabs into their slots, and swing the top of the cover into place, pivoting the bottom tab.
  • 4)Locking: Any common-size padlock can be used in the bottom tab, to prevent the tab being lifted high enough to open the cover.
  • 5)Using a python cable lock: serves three purposes:
  • a.It fits through the upper back section of the case, through holes in the front-cover side tabs, and holes in the case.
  • b.If the tree is not too large a diameter, you can also loop it through the lower locking tab
  • c.The cable can be secured tightly enough to be the main anchor to a tree or post.

NOTE – If you have purchased one of the Covert Code Black boxes for the Special Ops, Code Black or Blackhawk models you need to punch out the knock out at the top of the box for the antenna. This is not done in manufacturing because the box is also made for other models that do not have antennas.